The image above, and elsewhere on this site is from a map of precolonial Africa. It is from this website which allows use of the image for educational purposes

Welcome to the Website of the SIETAR Europa Special Interest Group on Africa


Who is this SIG for? While the SIG is created by members of SIETAR Europa and SIETAR Switzerland we consider it imperative that we also have input from those not currently SIETAR members and we would like them to join as SIG Associates.

But most of all we want to encourage Africans to join or group as we want the perspective to be largely an African one. While the perspective of non-Africans is important, we are after all talking about intercultural matters, without the African perspective we will not meet our purpose

See our Membership page to read more


Many have asked if this is the start of the formation of SIETAR Africa – it is not. This SIG is hugely supportive of the idea of the setting up of a SIETAR Africa – or maybe individual African Country SIETARs but the creation of such is not the objective or purpose of the SIG. But we will offer our support to any individuals who wish to do so.


We spent some time trying to find suitable artwork for our website. It is an enormous challenge to find an image that can represent the incredibly complex continent that is Africa. And avoiding stereotypes is also important.

We settled, for now, on this precolonial map of Africa but we will seek input from our members once we established. While we may never find something that suits everyone we will try.